Last night a student asked me which I prefer: throwing or painting. My teachers of painting were Rick Burns and Philip Iverson, so my approach gives a lot of grace to method of application and to the material itself. When I am throwing at the wheel I can’t dance around like Philip, which I’ve never gotten used to anyway. I like throwing like I like a fantastic grilled vegetable salad with no dressing, with a light, peaty single malt scotch (not sherry casked). I like painting on my pottery like how I like Birthday cake and ice cream, with a mochachinno (with whipped cream, a heavy sprinkling of nutmeg, and only one shot of chocolate-stirred at two critical stages). One cannot decide between these two things, they complete life. 

Because the screen is green on my phone, I take a fewer pictures of my process. but I recently posted this video of me making handles. I love making handles because it’s a little more musical. Here’s a video of that:

The things I am glazing today (I was making in this video) will be available at my studio sale this  Dec 15th, Saturday at one until 6 at 244 Duke St WEST. 

I’ll have snacks and things for you as well as a clean studio. I’ll break an apple in half in front of you too, just for bragging rights.