Anne Hickey knew I would have a good time on Thursday (a little day trip to St. Andrews). I insisted all the way up until Wednesday that I must go to my studio and work on some ideas; I came to my senses.
Started reading a new book called ‘Quiet’, and chilled in Signe’s car until we reached the whale watching warf. I opted out because I start to feel famished the moment I get outside of town and the tour was three and a half hours long. I worried that they were hungry the whole time, so I bought crystallized ginger, gluten free scones, raw coconut butter truffles (, and some cured duck breast.
We went to Ken’s studio and saw how he turns stone on a lathe. He also showed us his (extensive) rock collection before we met up with the (successful and starving) whale watchers: Kingsbrae Gardens for a (scrumptious) lunch and a sculpture tour.
Their collection is pretty decked out, including a smattering of mediums and scales. It’s a gorgeous place too, quiet. Whenever I hear an air compressor or heavy machinery working or masonry saws, I feel the need to investigate. We all do, right?