The last week’s been a blur, but I have a minute now. We came from a reception with the town of Grand Bay Westfield where a flash thunder & lightning storm destroyed the tents, drew us all inside. No rainbow (Japanese rainbow: Riji, Bulgarian rainbow: дъга), but plenty of fruit, violin playing, and excitement for Radoslav’s sculpture.

Yesterday we had a heavy machinery synchronistic moment: one large crane came to move Jhonny’s stone, while the Carnival Glory lingered in the mist and Coast Guard helicopter ascended into the fog and a fuel truck meandered over to the compressor. Alice Fudge instagramed a great shot. Follow Meghan Barton and Christiana Meyers for even more great shots of the Sculpture Saint John 2012 site.

Jhonny G and Allison Greene. Note the scaffolding (things are at the next level).

Agnessa is bending the stone, it seems, when she carves her rectangular waves.

Jo’s tower is now starting to remind me of a rook at sea. Lots of polishing going on there.

Jim’s sculpture’s waves are peaking out of St. George pink granite.

Radoslav has made perfect steps swirling into the middle, square space. Asano referenced Radoslav’s sculpture to tell me that he had no need of scaffolding, but would prefer a step ladder instead.

Asano had Megan Barton and I help with the pneumatic drilling and chiselling of his base stone. My wrists are like He-man’s.

Asano and Meghan making dish forms in granite

I stayed at the Villa for a few nights and played linguistics games with sculpture people, took walks through the stations, ate gluten free, and gathered textures for my SJAC ‘Make Six Mugs in Six Hours’ class. I just made it on time for when CTV ‘Live at 5’ came to film at the site.

The City of Saint John has loaned the Symposium a (literally) green Hybrid – completely silent – automobile. We’ve been sharing music: Lightning Bolt, Austra, Blood Brothers, Azelia Banks, Motorhead; Bulgarian Klezmer stuff like that.

A teeny bit of whining: at the end of the day before my day off, while looking in the shed for my book: a wasp stings the back of my neck. It was a moment of personal insult, because I stuck up for them.

Parts location gratification: Harbour City Electrical sold us some carbon brushes for our saws. When they go, the saw sounds clunky, starts to skip, and then stops completely. The carbons degrade quickly with frequent sustained use, so when Agnessa’s saw went chunky I got a few (they come in tiny boxes); luckily, Asano knows how to replace them.

We’re waiting for 5” blades and no one likes the blue 7” blades because they wear out too quickly. These are kind of first timey things that happen, and it’s not the end of the world, it just means more frequent flange changing and some protective feelings about the Allen keys.

Jo and the tower

If you’ve not been to the sculptures in a couple of days, please come down to the Coast Guard site and see the progress. I’m not on site Wednesday: I’m making Empty Bowls with seven children from Iran, China and Korea, then after that: Meet the Sculptors: 7pm at the Saint John Arts Centre. See you there?