The (air, water, and electric) hoses are crossing a high traffic area and were run over again yesterday. Chuck renailed down the bridge (that thing you drive over, instead of the hoses). Oh and we’re spraypainting it pink too. The hoses belong there though; the Coast Guard hanger is close and that’s where the compressor’s parked. Monday’s crane, maybe?

Crane day is always exciting. The rigging is extraordinary. Alice Fudge took a fantastic shot of Jo Kley and his beautiful ark rigged to the crane. See it on instagram and on the Sculpture Saint John facebook page.

I managed to buy Wendy (of the Shoot’s Bookstall at the Saint John City Market)’s copy of Jane Urquart’s ‘The Stone Carvers’. She kept claiming she was reading it (therefore c(w)ouldn’t sell it), but I can tell you I never saw a bookmark pass through that thing. Now it’s mine!

At first, I thought my garden would be miffed that I hadn’t been by. But no: it’s better than fine. There’re carrots and peas, beans and radishes, swiss chard and strawberries, beets and herbs galore, oh and a zucchini plant, oh and something that I didn’t plant which’s growing with the peas. If someone is playing a joke on me: I predict it’s cucumber, since I don’t like cucumbers – but guess what – I recently acquired a taste for cucumber! Who’s laughing now? But if it’s watermelon, they got me.Image

Success on the tool provision front! We had a damaged M14 shank to arbour adapter duplicated for Radoslav and it totally works. Thanks to Dale Forbes, the new larger splitting wedges are popular with Jhon, Jo, and Asano! Like I said, things are taking shape.Image

At the Saint John Arts Centre, the kids have been having lots of fun making clay animals and cups, books and paintings, and more. One of my most familiar students (he’s taken quite a few of my classes) said, “I feel bad today!” So I asked, “What would make you feel better?” He then replied, “Tomorrow!”

He’s six and he totally get’s me.Image