At the Saint John Arts Centre this morning, I taught the first of five morning classes for 10 kids ages 5-8 before I returned to the Sculpture Saint John site. In the class we made kitties out of clay and drew plans for the next three animals we intend make. We intend to make a tiny world. 

On site, Mary and Bruce Martin made us a delicious meatball lunch with scrumptious rice and poppy seed dressing for the summer salad. It was so good and we were warmed from the fog. Today I became the main contact person for getting supplies for the site as well as tracking inventory. This is all new to me, just like stone sculpture. I love working with these folks; each artist uses a spinning saw.

Went to Source Atlantic and checked in on our order. There are always a couple of lists on the go and everyone wants everything eons ago. It’s fascinating to see how precisely they see stone.  We try and find all the tools they need, but it can be difficult when there are many languages and two measuring systems involved. It’s funny how many ways there are to say the same thing. 

The Carnival Glory was parked beside us today. Guess what though: it was a ‘Saw’ theme cruise! Saw at Sea! I didn’t believe it, but Chrissy looked it up. 

They’re all going to Saint Martin’s tomorrow to see the sea, and more, I’m sure of it. I’m excited for them, but I’m teaching kids clay in the morning and then throwing ‘empty bowls’ with folks from the Multicultural center in the afternoon. 

We’ll probably be able to have Rado’s drill adapter duplicated at a machine shop. It’s M14 and made of aluminum. He uses this to fit a core drill and the shank got bent a little, so it had erratic rotations which could destroy the bit and the smooth surface he’s going for.