It’s loud, it’s dusty, it’s hot, and it entrancing.  It’s also slightly frenetic, since we’re just getting the site underway and trying to figure out how to make things accessible for the artists and the public.  There’s a plethora of things to learn and a lot of people to communicate with constantly. We mostly talk  about mechanical things and the needs of the (totally fantastic and impressive) sculptors and fellow interns (who are awesome and dedicated).  Lots of discussion about things relating to the manifold, which is basically a mini hose city connecting air and water hoses, while serving as cross hairs for the electrical lines which all feed into pneumatic drills, grinders, and cutters. The Air compressor runs on diesel and it wouldn’t turn off today, so we had it replaced.

I promised not to dwell too much on all the technical things, so listen to this: more than a handful of my students (littles and bigs) dropped by and many of my friends and family have come to the site. I go under the ropes and fetch them a piece of cut granite. One person said, ‘you are making history here’! And we are helping an incredible thing take place here; these sculptures will still stand long after things I haven’t even heard of are happening all time.

Today, I learned a bit more about various air tools and their adapters. Jo and Radoslav used a 48″ percussive drill to bore a 22mm diameter hole through 72cm of granite. They had to score the other side with cutting blades so a big piece wouldn’t pop off the back. It was a big worry because Radoslav wanted to know the hole would be centered in his design on both sides, yet we were concerned that the drill would either not be level or it would miss the center on the other side. Everything worked out and Radoslav will be ready for the crane to flip his stone on Wednesday.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? The weather is a bit moody, but it’s also August and I never know how to dress in months that begin with vowels. I wore wool pants one day and it made everyone else as uncomfortable as me, since they had to wonder whether to point out that I was wearing wool pants in hot weather. In the morning it was super cold and wet! There are plenty of adjustments to be made, and we’re all excited.