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Making lots of the same item can be either monotonous or soothing or both. I like being commissioned to make a series of products with a specific purpose, because then I have a destination all planned out for each little thing.  In the case of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation’s gala in Saint John called, ‘Playing with Fire’, I was asked to make 60 centerpieces, for small candles. image



The Keynote speaker was Theo Fleury, author of  ‘Playing with Fire’ and former Calgary Flames’ hockey captain. This inspired me to make a cut out eye-mask shape on one side and the other side had flames cut out, then curled up and away from the pot.

The pieces were auctioned off at the end of the night, as a fundraiser for the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation:

It is important to commemorate events, milestones, and accomplishments; clay does it well.




Audrey at the fireplace

Audrey at the fireplace

I do a lot of different things in order to keep busy. Lately, I have been an assistant to a photographer named James Wilson

He and I and another film person went to Gagetown in order to capture some images of Soldiers in their uniforms. Social Studies is a collection of black and white portraits of New Brunswick people in their occupational garments, taken in a natural light environment and a black studio backdrop.

My whole role with Jamie has been to find interesting people and hook them up with him to be photographed.  I take photographs for the lamest reasons around:  fun and posterity. It’s all just information and perspective to me.

Here’s a photo Jamie took of me while I was wearing a helicopter pilot’s helmet:

Jamie Wilson Image of Alison Gayton

Jamie Wilson's portrait of Alison Gayton

It’s One o’clock now and I have been fidgiting with on line information for what feels like an eternity (three hours). I know all it takes is practice, but what I really want to do is take some scissors and glue and thread and clay and make the windows and layout look like what I picture.

Because it’s snowing, there’s a possibility the throwing class I teach at the Saint John Arts Centre will be cancelled. It’s the last class with these folks, so we will paint their pieces and I will take them to the studio and have them fired for Feb 10th. I can’t really push back that deadline, since people are looking for hearts for Valentine’s day, and I am the potter who does that sort of thing.


Saint John Arts Centre Introduction to Throwing Class

Saint John Arts Centre Introduction to Throwing Class


I’m also reminded of an Ezra Jack Keats book called: ‘The Snowy Day’. It makes me want to paint all my chairs green.