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Last Saturday I vended my odd wares at the Saint John City Market. I had a friend look after the booth for a couple hours as I went to the Saint John Arts Center to teach a clay class to several 5 to 7 year old children. 
At the Arts Center, the kids made books with outlined pictures of Audrey, in addition to making two thumb pots.
In the market I sold oddities and older wares. I’m coming out with new work later this week, so I’m trying to clear out place.
One mug I saw leave was my teacher, self portrait. It was my favorite and I had a hard time letting it go. In fact, I was drinking cold coffee out of it for the first time, when C. came up to say how much they loved the teacher mug. I sold it, but I also miss it.
Someone close to me says that I only lease out my pottery; that I secretly hope to have every piece back again. It could be true.


I’m a potter and a teacher of clay. I want to share my ideas with the world so I can refine and build upon them. I have been a teacher as long as I have been a potter, so in my mind they are inextricably linked .

The first time I ever used the wheel I was enchanted and 16. It was in St. Andrews, NB. Last night I threw about 20 tiny cups on the wheel my father built. All this to say that I love to make pottery in Saint John, and I like to share my experiences with others to encourage growth on both sides.

Also, Audrey – my cat – is the one who specifically suggested I blog, since she feels her on line presence could use another outlet, and she knows I will post pictures of her.

Audrey is the real author of this blog, since she is my secretary